Great Benefits – Week 3 is Complete!

3 weeks down and I am getting great benefits! Here’s my X3 weekly review and recap:

I’ve noticed 2 specific improvements this week…

1) More Strength – I’ve noticed I can increase my reps when doing X3 Bar. For example, when doing shoulder press, I would normally hit about 12 reps with the grey band on the full range of motion. I’ve increased my rep range to 15 reps. So I experienced a 25% increase in strength in just 3 weeks!

2) Increased Hunger – I’m more hungry than usual. I think this is because my metabolism is skyrocketing. I actually spend less time working out than in the past (since 10 minutes is all you need with X3) and I am more hungry than ever.

I’m looking forward to completing Week 4. This is my last week of the beginning phase of the program (Week 1-4) and then I move onto the next final part of the routine: Weeks 5-12.

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