Rest Day! I Earned It!

I’ve been following the X3 Bar 12 Week Program. I love how I get rest days over the weekend (and Wednesday too) for the first few weeks of starting the routine. Besides not having to worry about working out, I can enjoy the day with my friends and family.

Rest days are just as important as working out…and I am glad X3 accounts for this!

Exercise puts physical stress on the body. Therefore, in order to see results from that stress, you need to give your muscles time to adapt and recover. Your growth happens after a workout and not during a workout.

The reason I really love this 12 Week Program is because you are definitely getting the proper rest days. So many other workout programs will overtrain you. I’ve done a lot of other programs in the past at my local gym and some at home and they just resulted in more injuries and unnecessary soreness over time.

Working out causes microscopic tears in muscle tissue. As your muscles repair the damage, they turn into larger, stronger versions of themselves so that they’re better able to handle the stresses and strains of working out next time. As a result of this, you’ll experience a certain amount of inflammation and soreness.

However, the nervous system can get over taxed, which is another way of saying overtraining has set in. Overtraining is when the body pretty much stops responding to any form of training due to fatigue and soreness. The last thing you want to do is overtrain!

Even though X3 takes you to a much deeper level of fatigue since you are working out in all the ranges of motion, you’re not going to be overtraining. It would be different if you did X3 Bar every day without proper rest. The fact that you get 3 rest days a week is the perfect amount to keep your body fresh and maximize muscle growth.

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