I’ve received my bottle of FORTAGEN in the mail. I am so excited to use this! FORTAGEN is an amino acid supplement created by Jaquish Biomedical, the creator of X3. This is the perfect compliment to X3Bar to maximize my nutrition.

So how does FORTAGEN work? It’s based off the principle of the Master Amino Acid Pattern.

Studies show that all living organisms (such as humans) have their own very specific amino acid pattern – used to reach maximum protein synthesis. In order for protein synthesis to occur, you need all 8 essential amino acids to be available at the same time and in the correct ratio to one another. The more the ratio of the 8 essential amino acids changes from the optimum pattern, the lower the protein nutrient value.

FORTAGEN provides the optimum amino acid pattern. Nearly 100% of the amino acids are used for synthesizing and supplying the body with protein.Each serving is 10g of active ingredients, which research suggests is equivalent to over 50g of protein from an ordinary whey supplement, or over 70g of protein from plant-based protein powders.

Where else would you get 50g of protein for $2.50? Steak sure isn’t that good of a deal.

FORTAGEN is super efficient and affordable. It is also naturally fruit flavored and mixes well into water.

I recommend this supplement to anyone!

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