X3 Bar is NOT a Resistance Band! It’s BETTER!

I like to put some of my friends through an X3 workout with me. When I first show them the product, they all tend to say something like, “It’s just a bar and some rubber bands.”

That’s 100% inaccurate! Once I put my friends through the X3 workout, they quickly understand why this is much different.

For starters, the bands are created from layered latex, not rubber material. In other words, these are some of the strongest bands on the market. These aren’t the same bands you can go to any sporting goods store and buy. They are expensive to manufacture and will last a long time.

The bar that attaches to the band is an Olympic style bar. It will withstand over 500 pounds of resistance. It’s only 21.5″ long, which is much smaller and more convenient to handle when traveling. For example, you can’t take a regular Olympic bar with you on vacation, but you certainly can take X3 Bar!

There are a number of knock off products on the market, but you won’t find one that hits all of the positives listed above.

You pay for what you get in life and X3 is no exception. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. The only way to lower the price is to lower its value. The X3 Bar is incredibly valuable in more ways than one.

Bad Back Problems? Try X3!

I’ve had a bad history of back problems. I was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis (fractured vertebrae). Ever since then, I’ve been extremely careful with my workouts. I’m getting older. I remember in my 20’s that I could do any workout and never really get injured. However, I’m 31 years old now. I feel a major difference in my body. My injuries have caught up to me from years of using heavy free weights. That’s a huge reason for me doing X3. Not to mention, I am actually getting better results using X3 than free weights.

It’s important to understand muscle contractions to understand X3Bar and why it’s so good for someone like myself.

There’s 3 parts of a muscle contraction.

1) Concentric – Think shortening of muscles. When performing the deadlift, this would be pulling the bar up off the ground to lock out.

2) Isometric – Think pausing at the top or bottom portion before changing directions. This is usually at the top of the deadlift.

3) Eccentric – Think muscle lengthening. This would be lowering the bar to the ground on the deadlift.

My biggest issue when doing deadlifts is the eccentric portion puts a lot of unnecessary stress on my back. When doing deadlifts using barbells, you’ll see a lot of people bang the bar on the ground and back up. It’s almost like they are bouncing it up and down. I look at this like a car wreck for your back! That impact can’t be good for you.

I’m very conscience when lowering the weight. I don’t use momentum or let the weight bounce. I try to do perfect form, especially in the eccentric phase. However, no matter how careful I am, the bending over puts a lot of strain on my back. It really irritates my spine.

I wanted a way to strengthen my lower back but not irritate it further. Deadlifts are one of the best exercises to do because it’s a full compound movement. I could never really use free weights when performing deadlifts because of the eccentric movement.

I think the deadlifts on X3 Bar are an absolute game changer for me. Since there’s more resistance on the concentric movement, there’s practically no resistance on the eccentric phase. It’s placing more emphasis on the stronger range of motion. Therefore, when bending over and putting the weight down, I don’t feel any pain.

Since performing deadlifts with X3, I noticed that my back has strengthened and my back is bothering me much less.

I would definitely recommend the X3 workout if you have a history of back problems. You’d be surprised how much muscle you can build!

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